Virtuelles Kochevent

Cooking together: We bring culinary specialties as a holistic and shared experience to the participants’ home kitchens. High-quality menus based on the philosophy of regional and fresh products paired with the professionalism of the implementing partners for a virtual event according to the motto “A cooking box alone does not create a virtual experience with an experience-oriented interaction”. It is about more than just setting up a virtual session. It’s about the production of a virtual live cooking show in your own corporate branding with haptic touch points, tailored to the customer. Cooking and enjoying connects people – not only physically but also virtually.

The package:

• Ready to start event formats
• High quality cooking boxes
• Fully equipped cooking studio with four TV cameras
• Ready-made streaming technology
• Professional technicians
• Audited IT infrastructure
• Well-known scene chef Hannes Schröder
• Fully planned and functioning logistics

We are ready to start!

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