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Hanns Voith Stiftung

Physical events are becoming a rarity – which makes us and the Hanns Voith Foundation all the happier to have held the award ceremony, which has traditionally been an annual event for us since 2013, now for the year 2020 and 2021 as the first double award ceremony. Due to the pandemic, this event was held under the applicable 2G hygiene regulations.

12 outstanding and innovative student theses from the fields of engineering, natural sciences and economics were not only honored with a certificate and prize money, but also presented for the first time in a clear and understandable way by the award winners themselves.

In addition to a festive 4-course menu and atmospheric musical performances by the Heidenheim Wind Orchestra, the distinguished guests from business, politics and science were thus given an entertaining and interesting insight into today’s young scientific elite.
In addition, all participants felt that the opportunity for personal dialogue and the shared live experience was an almost forgotten special feature for all the senses.

We can only agree with this and thank the Hanns Voith Foundation for the trust they have placed in us!