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RECCON organized the European Leadership Campus for Konica Minolta for the third time in succession – and for the sixth time, 1,200 indirect sales partners from Europe were invited to attend this unique event for the sector.

RECCON started devising the concept in February 2018, researching destinations and locations across Europe before settling on Copenhagen. After all, the aim was to do things differently, think along new lines and surprise returning visitors all over again.

RECCON came up with a multi-functional event concept, shifting the event format from traditional conference to interactive, multi-faceted campus. In keeping with the slogan ‘Rethink your scope’, numerous newsletters and teaser movies were issued from July 2019 onwards with a view to generating expectations across the board.

In less than 10 days, the 8,500-square-meter Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen underwent a major overhaul into a campus. A plan based on a continuous 250-meter curtain screening ten projections of more than 50 square meters totally transformed the infrastructure and content of the space. Following a lavish opening ceremony, the curtains opened like the doors of a portal – and the campus was declared open. Participants encountered five incentive stages, a main central stage, 2,000-plus square meters of product displays and a large catering and networking area.

In the evening, the entire area transformed again to host a typically Danish hygge dinner. The aftershow party heralded by the Jägermeister brass band proved an emotional occasion. When surprise guest Mando Diao took to the stage around midnight, the holistic event plan was revealed: subconsciously, participants had been entertained by a Mando Diao-themed sound concept all day.

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