Drive New Ways with Voith

Voith Turbo Mobility

Hamburg, 07.05.2019

RECCON designs and realizes the first Mobility Conference for the customer Voith Turbo in Hamburg.

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Successful "Product Launch" roadshow extended!

DACH Region, 01.02.2019

RECCON's concept and implementation of a convincing Germany Roadshow in 8 German cities is being extended to Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium due to its great success.

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Not for the fussy: Highlands, Quilts and Piper


Schottland, 17.10.2018

Only the best of the best were invited to Scotland for a high-caliber incentive.

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Deep Dive on the Danube!

Konica Minolta Europe

Budapest, 05.06.2018

The successful concept of the 3-day conference PROKOM?

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United States of America

NYC, Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sillicon Valley, 30.03.2018

In 10 days from East to West with 40 top business representatives.

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