Voith 150 Jahre

Heidenheim, Germany, 13.07.2017

Voith celebrates 150 years! A major event in the town of Heidenheim, which Voith celebrated on its own company premises with its 4,500 employees based at the location!

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Voith 150 Jahre

Heidenheim, Germany, 04.07.2017

The English translation is following shortly.

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Vienna, Austria, 11.05.2017

RECCON is pleased to announce the appointment of the PROKOM Konica Minolta User Community to host this year's Prokom User Conference in Vienna! Around 150 international guests participated in the conference, where – in addition to the latest digital trends, presented by an exciting mix of international key-note speakers – networking and the members getting to know each other personally took center stage.

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CeBIT 2017

Konica Minolta

Hannover, Germany, 24.03.2017

For the third time in a row, RECCON has executed the trade fair appearance of Konica Minolta at CeBIT 2017! The focus of the open and transparent design of the stand was, above all, the Workplace of the Future, which gives you a glance into the future of modern, digital and networked business.

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Group Conference

Voith GmbH

Heidenheim, Germany, 27.10.2016

RECCON is delighted about the conceptualization and realization of this year's Voith Group Conference 2016, to which 550 international top managers were invited for gathering the entire management team of the Voith Group.

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